The Eastern Iowa Young Farmers Coalition is a group of farmers and consumers.  We champion the collective interests of young and beginning farmers throughout the state of Iowa. We are proud of the agricultural history of our state and enjoy

The Central Oklahoma Young Farmers Coalition is a farmer-led organization founded to build camaraderie, tackle farm and community projects, and advocate for policy issues that impact the livelihoods of young farmers in Oklahoma. Farmers from all over the state are

Central Ohio Young Farmers Coalition began in 2016 as a farmer-led voice and resource for Columbus, Ohio area growers. We organize quarterly advocacy, educational, and fun events for rural and urban beginning farmers with a focus on small-scale sustainability. Connect

The Duluth Young Farmers Coalition is an assembly of young individuals taking ownership over our agricultural future. Duluth’s regional chapter was founded on the need to collectively illustrate and resolve the many issues young and starting farmers face. DYFC is

Central Minnesota Young Farmers Coalition wants you! We meet regularly during the winter months and focus on policy action. During the summer we focus on our fields and limit our activity to social potlucks and farm visits. Our hallmark achievement

We are the Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition. We are young farmers and food advocates working to recruit, support, and promote young and beginning farmers throughout the state of Indiana. We seek to create a lively network of young farmers and their

Chillinois is a group of beginning farmers in Northern Illinois, including urban, suburban and rural farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs and experts. Our mission is to provide resources for aspiring and beginning sustainable farmers in northern IL through a platform of social engagement and policy action. Connect with

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