The Atlanta Farmers Coalition was formed in January 2017 as a networking group for farmers serving the metro Atlanta area. The group evolved in just a few short months to include over 45 farmers representing 30 farms, who have collectively

Our mission: to expand our region’s young farmer population by expanding the opportunities, resources, and demand for local organic products for a successful and healthy farmer/community lifestyle. Our vision: the transformation of the South Texas region to benefit our environment,

The Texas Panhandle Young Farmers Coalition is a group of farmers, gardeners, ranchers, and agriculturalists who strive to grow healthy, affordable food in this unique climate. We want to get that fresh and local food into the hands and mouths

The Central Texas Young Farmers Coalition (formerly Texas Young Farmer Coalition) seeks to build connections between young farmers throughout the state in an effort to increase food awareness, encourage the exchange of ideas, and create synergistic relationships. The chapter seeks

The East Tennessee chapter was founded in 2015 and strives to nurture resilient and equitable networks that promote a vibrant regional culture where new, beginning, and aspiring farmers can thrive. We host potlucks, film screenings, workshops, farm tours, and more

The Central Oklahoma Young Farmers Coalition is a farmer-led organization founded to build camaraderie, tackle farm and community projects, and advocate for policy issues that impact the livelihoods of young farmers in Oklahoma. Farmers from all over the state are

The Western North Carolina Young Farmers Coalition brings together the young farmers of our unique region to mobilize around important issues. Connect with us: Email: Facebook:

The Greater New Orleans Growers Alliance includes growers and their allies who are harnessing their collective political and physical power to create an urban food and farm system that sustains grower and eater alike. GNOGA accomplishes this mission through mutual

The Maryland Young Farmers Coalition is a networking and support group made up of young and beginning farmers in the state of Maryland. We provide structure for social engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between members. We support national and local

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