FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jessica Manly, | View full release and contacts NYFC’s Western Program Director, Kate Greenberg, named Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture DENVER, CO (December 21, 2019) – The National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) congratulates Western Program Director, Kate

“If we don’t start doing things differently, there won’t be agriculture to pass down.” Climate change is a hot-button political issue, but in the Western U.S., no one can deny that the drought and above average temperatures are real. Mike

Case Study: Topp Fruits, Paonia, Colorado The western slope of Colorado is known for its peaches, so when Harrison Topp returned to the Rockies after years of farming vegetables in North Carolina, it’s no surprise that he was happy to

Over the last year, NYFC chapters and members across Colorado testified, authored op-eds, met legislators in Denver, and brought legislators out to the farm to talk about the importance of supporting beginning farmer education through apprenticeships. SB18-042, a bipartisan effort to

SB18-042, the Agricultural Workforce Development Program, cost-shares the expense of hiring on-farm interns with farm and ranch business owners. Young farmer drive-in at the Capitol set for Tues., Feb. 13th DENVER, CO (February 1, 2018) – Today, the Senate Agriculture Committee

The end of summer brought both bounty and hardship to Western farmers and ranchers. From hurricanes to fire, flood to drought, many have struggled with serious impacts to both their operations and their communities. But as farmers do, you are

Will advocate for stronger state policies supporting young farmers, especially regarding land succession and farmland conservation DURANGO, CO (August 7, 2017) – The National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC), the only national advocacy organization focused solely on the needs of young and

Interim Study Committee on Young and Beginning Farmers in Colorado DURANGO, CO (May 1, 2017) — The Colorado General Assembly’s recent creation of an Interim Study Committee on Young and Beginning Farmers in Colorado was applauded by the National Young Farmers

By Tyler Hoyt | This has been one of the warmest winters on the books for our area, which means that most of our precipitation has come as rain instead of snow. That means endless “mud season.”

By Tyler Hoyt | We cannot keep sweeping our water problems under the rug, hoping that the next wet season will save us. We need proactive measures that save water before it is wasted on all levels.

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