Press release and report originally published in September 2018 by Maggie Monast, Senior Manager, Economic Incentives – Agricultural Sustainability, the Environmental Defense Fund Conservation can deliver measurable economic value to farmers and their financial partners, according to a new report

“If we don’t start doing things differently, there won’t be agriculture to pass down.” Climate change is a hot-button political issue, but in the Western U.S., no one can deny that the drought and above average temperatures are real. Mike

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact:​ Kate Bittman, / 917.915.3350  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Working Farm Protection Act into Law Bill A.10301-B, S.8362-A strengthens New York’s farmland protection program by making working farm easements permanently eligible for funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kate Bittman | View full release and contacts New York Legislature Approves Working Farm Protection Act—Broad Coalition Calls on Governor to Enact the Bill and Help Protect #FARMLANDFORFARMERS Bill A.10301-B, S.8362-A would strengthen New York’s farmland

Senate introduces farm bill draft with the Young Farmer Agenda in mind On Friday afternoon, the Senate Agriculture Committee released its long-awaited draft of the 2018 Farm Bill. In stark contrast to the hyper-partisan approach of their House counterparts, Senate Committee

Wedged in between White House scandals and Beychella, the House Agriculture Committee released their draft of the 2018 Farm Bill. As NYFC outlined in our initial analysis of the bill, there is some good news for young farmers. Programs that support

The end of summer brought both bounty and hardship to Western farmers and ranchers. From hurricanes to fire, flood to drought, many have struggled with serious impacts to both their operations and their communities. But as farmers do, you are

Western farmers grow 85% of all winter produce in the U.S, but lack of access to affordable water is making it increasingly difficult for young farmers to succeed DURANGO, CO —A new short film, Conservation Generation, offers a look into the

By Tyler Hoyt | We cannot keep sweeping our water problems under the rug, hoping that the next wet season will save us. We need proactive measures that save water before it is wasted on all levels.

By Tyler Hoyt | One of the biggest barriers that young farmers face is access to good quality land. In the West, good land for agriculture is usually tied to good water rights.

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