Green Table Farm

By Tyler Hoyt | This has been one of the warmest winters on the books for our area, which means that most of our precipitation has come as rain instead of snow. That means endless “mud season.”

By Tyler Hoyt | The more conservation is looked at as an everyday farm practice, instead of as a one-and-done project, the better off we will all be in the long run.

By Tyler Hoyt | We cannot keep sweeping our water problems under the rug, hoping that the next wet season will save us. We need proactive measures that save water before it is wasted on all levels.

By Tyler Hoyt | One of the biggest barriers that young farmers face is access to good quality land. In the West, good land for agriculture is usually tied to good water rights.

By Tyler Hoyt | Living close to the mountains has advantages, like being able to physically see the source of our water and look after it.

By Tyler Hoyt | We had been dreaming about owning a farm. We wanted long-term returns on our investments into the land, and ownership was the only way to partially guarantee this far-sighted approach.

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